About my work:

I push materials and logic to their extremes, to the point where a surprising and absurd conclusion is reached.  I challenge the notion of the picture plane by using substrates not as windows but as literal supports and pedestals for the paint.  I squeeze paint through cake-decorating bags because the process and resulting extrusions are raw and direct.  My gestures parallel bodily excretion and childlike play tinted with libidinal drive. The paintings focus on gravity, decoration, commodity, production, the body, and excess.  I present a painting language that is very honest to the technique and process (one stroke of paint over another), but yields bizarre results.  The resulting paintings are gleefully “wrong.”  At times, the paint resting on the shelf-like structures mocks more traditional paintings. 



Boris Ostrerov earned a BFA in Painting from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design and an MFA in Painting and Drawing at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2013.  Upon graduation he was awarded the SAIC fellowship.  Ostrerov is a painter who manipulates and explores the possibilities and physicality of oil paint.  Stacking, gravity, excess, and the confines and edges of the rectangle have been recurring themes in his work for several years.  Ostrerov’s current work is seductive, juicy, visceral, and grotesque.  He has exhibited widely and has earned several opportunities including showing at Slow Gallery, Paris London Hong Kong (PLHK), Lubov Gallery, the Portrait Society in Milwaukee and in Chicago’s NEXT fair.  He has been featured in several publications including New American Paintings #119 and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.  Ostrerov’s painting was included in the New American Paintings show at the Elmhurst Art Museum in 2016.  Ostrerov currently lives and works in Chicago.




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